Where Do I Start

I’ve never known what to say when you introduce yourself in person, let alone over text but here goes. My name is Ella, my middle name is Strawberry.
Now as much as you might be thinking ‘she’s making that up to make her blog interesting’, wrong. My explanation for it is that my parents were hippies and thought why not make her a bit different like us. Considering my Dad wanted it to be my first name i’m glad my Ma put her foot down on that one.

I am 18 years old, the stage in life where everything seems so serious with making decisions to go to university or take an apprenticeship but basically sorting your life out so you feel like you know which directions you’re heading. I don’t know my direction.

So, I took a gap year. I didn’t accept any universities because when I got my results (wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for bearing in mind) I decided in that moment of terror, that I wanted to travel. So to my teacher who was a desperado to get me into uni I said i’m taking a gap year. Least to say there should have been ‘DISAPPOINTED’ written all over his face.

So to conclude, with an apology of my talent to blab, this is the start of my blog. I will talk about travelling, health, food (definitely food) and general things in life. If you’re willing to read it, I hope you enjoy.


11 thoughts on “Where Do I Start

  1. Good luck with your adventures. Don’t worry uni will always be there. There is good sense in delaying until you have a better idea of your passions! It would be much worse if you spent loads of money doing the wrong course just to keep up with your peers. Keep writing, I find it helps focus on what you like.

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  2. If it helps you in any way, I went to uni at 18 along with all my peers and I know I didn’t get the most out of the experience. I actually envy my 20something friends starting uni in Sept as mature (ick!) students, as they are studying subjects they really want to learn in places they really want to be, rather than whatever they think they might be OK at, wherever the majority of their friends applied to.

    Having said that, I don’t regret my decision to go to university either, as my experiences along the way (not all in lectures and seminars!) have helped shape where I’m heading to now – oh yes, I still haven’t reached my destination yet! I’m just trying to make sure I enjoy the journey, and you should too 😊


    1. Exactly, I felt so pressurised into going to uni now that the course I was going to do, I doubt i’d of actually enjoyed. I may go when im older, who knows but i’ve got plently of time to decide!!

      Atleast you liked your course and have a direction now. Yes I will, hope everthing turns out how you want it too😊 thank you for this.


  3. I’ll be in the same position as you next year. I’ve had some advice lately telling me that I have more options than to just head back to school after I’ve done my time. School is always going to be there; living life just might not be.


  4. Congrats on your decision to be a traveller. Wish you luck on your journey. I do invite you to my Country, India. It’s great for travellers. Do pay a visit sometime. Cheers!


  5. You are too young to know where you are heading. I am 27 and I still don’t know what I am doing with my life. 😛
    Good luck with your travels. 🙂
    P.S. I love your name. ❤


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