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Why You Should Take a Gap Year- Before and After Uni

Can’t decide whether university or going straight into work is the right thing for you to do? Neither could I and don’t worry. This isn’t a life or death decision. If you want to take a gap year then heck, why not? I’m not even talking about after college or A-levels, a gap year could be after uni if you don’t want to settle down into a serious career straight away.

A year really doesn’t make a difference in the big spectrum of things. Unfortunately some parents and especially teachers are so hypnotized into the motion of getting you into uni or having an amazing career straight off the bat. I was so bloody bored of having my teachers plan my future for me and push me into it, so in some psychological thought you could say I rebelled.

I’m not even the rebellious type of person, I can’t keep one secret from my Ma without blabbing so for me to make a decision for myself felt oddly mature (I can be mature on the occasion). Plus my Ma’s extremely laid back and was up for anything I wanted to do, especially a gap year.

The reasons I didn’t go to uni:

  • My grades weren’t the best, I was classed as average.
  • The thought of debt turned my brain to mush.
  • I’ve always wanted to travel, itchy feet as the saying goes.
  • Having to go through another 3 years of education made me feel like going into hibernation.
  • I had doubts about my course and if psychology is really what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.

I’m not saying don’t go to uni, if you’ve got a direction and you know where you want to go in life then hell yeah go be what you’ve aspired to do. If I knew i’m sure I would have ended up going. But if you’re having doubts then don’t be afraid to question a gap year. I’ve done some amazing things on mine. It’s led me to travel to Central America, Slovakia, Berlin next month and then Australia and New Zealand at the end of the year. I’ve also realized uni’s not for me and I got the courage to start a blog. In reality a gap year seems to slow down time. You can step back and look at the big picture of what you actually want to do instead of the rush of everyone having to go to uni NOW.

I mean who knows, maybe in the future I might settle down and go to uni but for now, i’m happy doing what i’m doing. Just make sure you’re happy with what you’re doing.


20 thoughts on “Why You Should Take a Gap Year- Before and After Uni

  1. It seems crazy to me how English students are expected to commit to a degree before they even get to university! I changed my major three times in undergrad, so I think if I had to choose my degree upfront it wouldn’t make any sense /not/ to take a gap year and figure myself out first. I’m so glad you’re happy with your choice 🙂


  2. I love this! I agree–society shouldn’t dictate what you do with your life whether it’s go to university, get a job, or taking a year off. That should be your own decision!! I recently just graduated university and am taking the summer (or maybe a year!) off and just seeing where life takes me. My dad is worried about me but it’s my life and like you said, a year really isn’t that much time.
    Thanks for sharing your perspective. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who feels this way 🙂

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    1. Exactly but because going to uni is the most common thing to do now, everyone seems to be in a panick to follow suite. Admittantly uni is good for majority of courses and getting you were you want to be, but Its just not for me! Ahaha take a year, i’m sure your dad will understand it wont ruin your life prospects! Not a problem, i’m glad it could be of some help to someone😊

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  3. I love this! I decided to not go to uni either. I’m going straight into work and then want to get certified as a MUA. Everyone judges me for not going but society pushes everyone into going when it’s not needed. I think people need to see that there are other options and going to uni isn’t the be all end all choice you have to make.


    1. Congratulations! Someone else in this bleak community of non-uni goers! No, good for you to make your own decision and not get pressurised into getting a degree. They do but unfortunately that’s a scary thought to some people, not by fault to their own but by others around them telling them uni is the only way. Your blog looks really good by the way!

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  4. Excellent post!
    I went straight from year 12 to Bible College, and then into Univerisity. I think if I had taken a gap year as you have, I may have had a little more clarity in life.

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  5. I didn’t take a gap year and ended up “wasting” a year doing something that just wasn’t the right fit for me in my first year at Uni. In the end though, it wasn’t a complete waste as I think everything fell into place and now I’m doing what I really love! I’d definitely recommend taking that year off to really think, settle and breathe before rushing into anything.


  6. Great post! I never went on a gap year but getting my travelling in now. Now I am older and have a bit more money I think I get to enjoy it differently than if I did it before/after uni. Personal taste I guess. Best of luck on your travels and can’t wait to see more posts 😀👍🏻


    1. Better late than never as they say! If that’s how you enjoy travelling then great, makes it a better experience for yourself. I am more the travelling with less money and hoping i’ll have enough for dinner the next day.
      Thank you, good luck to yourself and cant wait to read more!! 🙂

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  7. I’m glad you chose to do what you’re doing now. It gives courage to those of us *aheeem* who are all over the place about career after uni. It wouldn’t hurt to give ourselves some time to just let everything settle before we jump into it. So thank you ❤


    1. Ahaha don’t worry, my biggest fear is that I don’t have a direction, atleast you have some knowledge of what it is you’d like to do but I can imagine the struggle of finding a job in that area so exactly, just take some time for yourself 🙂 x


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