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Stupid Things I’ve Done As a Child #1

We’ve all been kids once, and as children go they can do some rather impulsive or ridiculous things that make you think ‘what on earth made them do that?!’ Well i’m pretty sure that’s what my Ma thought about me on a daily basis. I was a strange curly hair ball of a child that just ended up doing something that would seem normal (or not) and end up hurting myself or in hospital.

Breaking My Arm on the 3rd Day of Primary School

So my Ma and I moved from Jersey when I was just about to turn 5 and that meant moving into a different primary school. Considering there was only 2 weeks left of reception year I felt I needed to fit in being the new child.

19866944_1535480416474543_648671215_o (1)In the school playing fields was what seemed to me to be a massive hill which everyone used to roll down, on your side, horizontally. Now on my 3rd day of being the new kid I though this was a load of fun and so proceeded to walk up the hill then lie on my side. As I was rolling I seem to remember going over a little bump half way down and the next thing you know, the blonde frizzball hair child which was me, was screaming and crying my head off. I then was taken in by my new teachers who were probably thinking they had a new dramatic child on their hands BUT the x-ray results showed it was snapped near the wrist resulting in a lovely vibrant pink cast on for the next 6 weeks. The photo on the left was taken in Australia and it wouldn’t stop raining which meant I couldn’t stop wearing the plastic bag over my cast.

Wanting to Walk My Guineapigs

When I was younger I had two guineapigs named Strawberry (wow, inventive Ella child as it is my middle name) and Blackberry. These were my favourite pets and I used to put them in a wheelbarrow and take them round the garden, bring them in the house for a run around and pretend they were my bestfriends.

19867029_1535480536474531_292550256_oI would always get paranoid that one day they would escape and run away because they can be extremely speedy little things. So one day I decided it was a great idea to buy them a lead and as I put it on my guineapig and laid her on the grass she just took off and left the lead behind. This led to me running around like crazed maniac trying to catch the guineapig before she ran under the fence to freedom. I never used the lead again and threw it in the bin.

Going into Hospital for 5 Days

Now this ones a bit blurry as it all happened so fast and gave my family a lot of worries. This happened in year 1 when we used to run around the playground playing tag or stuck in the mud, classics.

As I was running from someone (this is where it gets blurry) I either tripped over someones foot and not sure if it was done purposely or I just tripped on a rock and went smashing my head onto the metal railings.

The next thing I remember was being outside my classroom saying I couldn’t see anything but black and then white dots and thinking back to it now makes me scared because of how I had no idea what was going on and the teachers wouldn’t believe me. Luckily the head master who was amazing took me in the back of his car with my mum to the hospital. At the hospital they first thought it was Meningitis which is inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord and can have some really serious consequences.

19867086_1535480539807864_1682751755_oI don’t remember this next bit but this is from mums memory that at one point whilst I was asleep I pulled out the IV drips in my veins which led to 5 doctors trying to pin me down to get them back in and blood going everywhere. Who knows, maybe I was possessed (don’t take that seriously). And I also so vividly remember that about 2 or 3 times a day they used to ‘flush’ my veins out with water which meant a syringe pushing water into my veins which hurt SO much I cant even describe it to you and having a medicine which was meant to be banana flavor, LIES. Also in the photo I am pulling a really weird face which just shows not much as changed.

But after all this and throwing up on my doctors many a times (sorry) I was diagnosed with severe concussion which is why when they test your reflexes on the knee to make it jolt mine did nothing or shine a bright light in my eye caused me to throw up, or having serious migraines for about 6 months afterwards, I don’t know I was daft child and this stuff happens. This isn’t even the only time I got concussion, which i’ll save that story for another time.


So if you have any ridiculous/funny stories of yourself or anybody else you know as a child then comment down below because i’d love to read them. But if I ever have kids and they’re as daft or clumsy as I was then god knows what i’m going to do.


5 thoughts on “Stupid Things I’ve Done As a Child #1

  1. Oh gosh those all sound so painful! I was so shy and reserved as a child that I never really got extremely hurt. I was always scared of everything but as I got older I began to so some really stupid things. My friends and I used to push my trampoline under a tree in my backyard and jump off the branch 15 feet to my trampoline below. There were a few close calls but I never got hurt too bad haha

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  2. Amazing to have some of the things we did as a child and now live to tell the story about it. A grew up on a farm and there was so many things we could take risks with. Like riding on the backs of cows pretending they were horses or jumping from near the top of the barn into poles of hay! 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed reading this rollercoaster of a post, although I did sympathise about the scrapes you found yourself in. Did you never get the guinea pig back? My own guinea pig was such a sweetheart. He survived a massive fall which you’ve reminded me of. My mum pulled the roof of his cage off when it was on top of the fridge. Peter jumped out before she could stop him and fell to the stone kitchen floor. Luckily he was just stunned and came round again.


    1. I did surprisingly get the guineapig back, for some reason she decided to come back herself (obviously for more wheelbarrow rides) ooooo that sounds painful ahaha poor thing but these things happen and are funny to look back on if not a little worrying for future commitments

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