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Festival Essentials

Now when it comes to festivals, you don’t want to be bringing everything you own in a massive bag whilst also having to drag that through a field of either thick mud or scorching sun. I’ve been to a fair few festivals and so from experience I’ve managed to minimalize what goes into my bag for the necessities in which i’ll show you guys.

Travel Bag

travel bag

First off, I always bring my big bag which I take travelling (and also my Ma took round Australia, its old) as its not overly large but somehow does a Mary Poppins trick and fits everything in. I’d really recommend one of these as you can literally use them for life. One with a good back support will really help when it comes to carrying it around or waiting in queues too, although I do normally just roll mine along like a sausage.

Not Much Make Upmake up

I don’t where much as it is but if you’re like me and love jumping around in a squishy, hot crowd then makeup tends to have run off from your face and the planet of the earth. So either get some sturdy mascara which grips to your lashes like superglue or just go minimal. I tend to just bring foundation for the bags around my eyes, little eyebrow pencil, mascara and some eye shadow but never end up wearing this but if you like to stay at the back and watch then your make up should say intact.


I cant stress enough how useful these are as people tend to be loud around the clock and never stop. You do tend to forget they exist when you’re incredibly drunk but if you want a half descent sleep then these will do the trick.

Wash Bag

The things to put in this are:

  • Baby wipes- unless you pay extra for the showers you’re only hope of not stinking the campsite out are these bad boys which will save your B.O. life.
  • Razor- i’m very jealous if your hair doesn’t grow back over a few days but if you’re like me then dry shaving it has to be.
  • 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner- what my friends and I discovered last year is if you get a big 2 litre bottle, fill it with water and take turns washing each others hair halfway through the festival you can still look remotely human.
  • Hand Sanitizer- this could literally save your life when there no soap or sinks in your toilet, so make sure to stock up.
  • Toilet Roll- I don’t tend to put this in my wash bag but in as many pockets of rucksack as possible as AFTER 1 DAY THERE WILL BE NONE LEFT IN THE TOILETS, so please for the love of god bring atleast 2 or 3.
  • Hairbands- this is for girls but if you’re in the crowd at the smushed part near the front please just tie your hair back and put it in a plait or something because half the time i’ll spend accidentally ripping it out and getting caught in it.


These are my babies and I live in them. You will need some sturdy shoes or anything like these so they’re flexible, you can run around in, jump in the crowd but not feel pain as much when people jump on your feet the whole time.

shorts n crop topShorts n Crop Tops

I live in my green shorts and crop tops because if its raining or cold you’ll go into a crowd and instantly feel hot, i’m pretty sure I don’t change out of these most the time (call me gross or whatever but when you’re drunk sometimes you cant be bothered to take them off). But even if they start to look dirty after a few days you’ll look around and see everyone else is gradually getting dirtier with you.


Always remember this amazing creation, if you don’t drink alcohol don’t worry you can still have a wicked time but if you do then WOW do things get 10x hilarious and ridiculous. I do tend to bring 2 bottles of vodka, maybe 3 but don’t tell my Ma.

Tent, Roll Mat and Sleeping Bag

Tents an obvious one and its always best to share with someone or sometimes you may get random people trying to come in as they’re drunk and lost but you just shoo them away and hope for the best. When you’re sleeping in a field on bumpy ground its always best to bring some form of roll mat just for a bit of padding as well as your sleeping bag to stay warm in with a pillow. (If you’re always cold like me I bring some fluffy socks, don’t judge me).


I do go a bit mad when it comes to the face glitter and just slap it on my face with some hair gel and it does tend to stay on better than makeup and gives you a very cool feel. I’m on the left and my Ma on the right before the festival last weekend.


Mular, or Money

Remember your money as you will need to buy food at some point, yes I know its a shame we cant just live off alcohol. But try to hide this in as many places as possible in case some gets pinched, you lose some or forget where you put it when drunk.


If you want to hang around with your campmates at night but finding it rather cold in your shorts and top then a jumper will go down great, even to sleep in when it gets freezing at night help a lot. I even live in this one at home its by far my favorite piece of clothing .



Anyway hope this helps anyone who’s going to festivals as it is coming up to festival season and I am buzzing. If you come up with any other essentials that I’ve missed then just plop them in the comments!



10 thoughts on “Festival Essentials

  1. Hola! You’ve been nominated for the Unique Blogger Award by me! Do checkout the post. Also I’ll be looking forward to more of your posts.
    Many thanks ♥️

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  2. This is similar to my festival essentials! To add to the glitter, I once got glitter lips put on me at a festival by using eyelash glue over lipstick and then covering my lips in glitter. It worked surprisingly well and actually lasted the copious amounts of alcohol I drank! Enjoy festival season this year of you’re going to any 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooo i’ll go check it out now!! That’s a good idea as I was about say if it lasts through the alcohol intake and being a ridiculous human being then i’m definitely trying that this year! Hell yeah going to the one near me and hopefully be able to fit some more in around travelling, what about you??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah good! Don’t think I’ll be getting to anything year but will be back on the festival game next year for sure! Hoping to get to some international ones in the next few years too as I’ve heard great things!


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