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Complaints I Get at Work #2

Firstly, I just want to apologize for not doing a post in so long, I’ve been super busy with Truck Festival and inter-railing for a bit but now I can settle back down into a routine at last!

I really hope to carry on with this series purely because some people out there are ridiculously funny with their pickiness and a lot of you can relate to getting complaints within the work place. (In a strange way) Unfortunately I’ve left the job with all the snobs to go inter-railing as they wouldn’t let me have time off but i’d of kicked myself if I didn’t go and stayed for the superior upper class, what kind of a life is that. Anyway enough from me and here are some more for you to be amused by.

The Lady Who Needed Service Within 2 Minutes

Okay I get it, people love quick service. I’m not sure whether this is everywhere in the world that expects service at the click of their fingers but Britain i’m sure is notorious for this.

This happened just before I left and what a memory to leave from. When my friend was on the meat counter, he had other things to do such as statistics and ordering so was out back on the computer and talking to the boss throughout this time. I was on the other counter but also had tasks to do like reducing the food which was coincidentally the one in-front of the counter my friend was supposed to be on. I did slightly notice this woman waiting around but didn’t acknowledge her so much just the fact she hadn’t been there that long. Until, she walked over to me demanding “Is there any chance I could actually get some service around here?” At first I though okay slightly rude but I get it if she is in a rush. So I managed to find my friend outback doing other work he’d been asked to do which is when she progressed to moan to him about the appalling service and how people in this shop aren’t deserving of this. I just thought WOW this lady has issues.

After her monologue of moaning, to my friend, she then spotted me and decided she hadn’t finished with her negativity. Bearing in mind I am a very laid back human but I was so done with someone not appreciating what they had so in a light-hearted way told this woman to “let it wash over your head *with the motion of a hand going over my head which didn’t help, nice one* just don’t let it bother you” as you can tell I was done with people being so bloody picky but put it across in a very calm manner.

She then went to head of staff, complained about the service and the very rude blonde girl for telling her to forget about it and let it wash over her head. Oops.

Your Son Can Only Eat Hand Carved, Free Range Turkey?

This one can be very short and sweet but working on a meat counter (and being a vegetarian yay) you had to carve meat, mostly free range, non GMO and organic because well, you can assume from that.

So I had this lady rush to me looking very desperate with her trolley full of shopping in desperate need of HAND CARVED FREE RANGE TURKEY, and I unfortunately hadn’t got any left due to my vegetarian minds dismay. As soon as I gave the news to this lady her face just dropped into another dimension. She was appalled and asking when the next turkey will come in and it wasn’t for another few days. To start a conversation and be polite I said “how come you need it so badly?” she then replies with “my son only eat HAND CARVED, free range turkey or else he wont have anything for his sandwiches” to emphasis on the hand carved I asked “well we have some free range sliced turkey over by the sliced meats” in which she replied “it has to be hand carved” with no hint of embarrassment just pure authority over her sons needs.

Waiting In the Cafe 10 Mins For Food is Too Long

Working in a cafe in which they supply limited staff as it is but also not many that are trained on busy or hectic days, they just shove them in and hope for the best that they can just pot wash and that will solve all the problems such as serving customers, cleaning tables, cooking food, and making drinks.

So on this Sunday, one woman caught me as I’d just finished some of the queue to go clean tables for people to sit down whilst the drinks were being made and asked when her food would be ready. I went out back saw it was almost done just about 5 mins away but as I told her this she decided to tell me “how ridiculous the service in his place is, I’ve been waiting a stupid amount of time for my food and quite frankly, this place is a mess” in a tone of voice I can only describe as if I was being told off my mother. Just pure disgust. Then “also there’s no teaspoons”. By this point I was at the end of my tether, managed to hold my breath, hold eye contact with her until, yes, I won and she looked away. I know I shouldn’t be happy with that petty win but against this evil bitch I felt fantastic.

I see her going over to the manager, she complains and gets her food free for her and the daughter. WHY DO PEOPLE GET TO GET AWAY WITH THIS BEHAVIOR ITS LIKE WE’RE REWARDING A DOG TO BITE. Urgh infuriated is an understatement. The fact she had a daughter as well, what about when she gets a part time job just to be moaned at by petty customers surely she’d be mad as a mother?!



Anyway, i’m going to have to get another job with snobs to carry on this series but there’s still a few more stories I can write for your pleasure. If you have any hilarious job complaints or issues write them in comments please let me know i’m not the only one getting a good moan at.



4 thoughts on “Complaints I Get at Work #2

  1. I had a customer come behind the counter at a retail store I worked at and get in my face because I helped another customer standing in line instead of her, standing to the side. She said that it was people like me that made her hate coming to the store and shop. My response: I’m sorry you feel that way, but we’re a home goods store. You don’t need to come here if you don’t want to. She demanded to speak to my manager who was right beside me. The woman complained and the manager asked her to leave and never come back because she verbally assaulted her best employee. I was shocked! Everything happened so fast.

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