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Lack of Motivation- Update

For those of you who read my blog i’m sorry for the lack of interest, posts and effort on this page. Also for the appreciation I haven’t been giving. I succeeded in having over 150 subscribers and to some that’s nothing but for me that’s a lot.

So,  for this post there’s going to be a few things.
Number 1 is:

Thank you.
For leaving comments, joining in with my posts and giving them likes which really does boost the inspiration to write more, something that I should hopefully be getting back.

Number 2:

My life is a whirlwind.
I’ve been stuck in this sort of nothing for a while in terms of what I want to do with my life. Whilst all my friends are out there at uni or being offered jobs, I just don’t know what I want. For me I need a goal or aspiration to work towards, I don’t know what job could do that for me.

I started training to become a diver to progress towards a diving instructor. I got qualified as an Open Water Diver and an Advanced Open Water Diver which was such a cool experience. And then realized how much that sucks up your money and can’t afford decent rose, so Aldi’s £4.50 bottle is going to have to do for the moment. I’m feeling as skint as a student without the education.

I also want to travel and see the world more but without mular i’m a stuck potato on a ian bealecouch. Right now I feel like Ian Beale to your right (dramatic as ever.) If you don’t understand this reference you are clearly more educated and sophisticated than I am.

I tried working as a waitress. I’m legit a walking accident in which things seem to fall and smash without me touching them so that job didn’t go to plan. (Also minimum wage for a 19 year old was £5.80, HOw Do yOu exPEct mE To LIve?!)

So now i’m in the head space of do I settle down for a more serious career path in which travelling would become much more difficult for having periods of time off or get stuck with a rubbish lil job again. I’m 19 for christ sakes shouldn’t there be more to life than worrying about money and the future right now.

Number 3:
What I want to do with my future is unknown or where it’ll take me.

I love writing, adventurous activities (thrill seeker is the word), socializing, reading, conservation, marine biology (you need a degree for that I’ve found out) and putting myself out there. IF ANYONE KNOWS A JOB THAT PUTS THOSE WORDS INTO ONE TITLE THAT WOULD BE GREAT but for the mean time i’m going to try and find a path to go down and see where it leads. Wish me luck pals.


Anyway, sorry for this little rant/update. Hopefully we can look forward to a more positive and funny posts in the future whilst I sort myself out but thank you for the followers who stuck around. Your support means a lot to me.

Au Revoir.


13 thoughts on “Lack of Motivation- Update

  1. I wish I had taken more time to figure myself out and really know what I wanted to study before going to school, otherwise it can seem like a waste of money and time. While I value the education I received, what I went to school for is so completely unrelated to what I want to do that my time could have been much better spent. And even though you might need a degree for marine biology, you don’t need a degree to volunteer for a program. Maybe there’s a marine biology gap year volunteer program? I feel like that’s something I’ve heard of. Then you can travel and adventure and learn and add to your resume, volunteering is great! While it doesn’t make you a lot of money, there’s a lot to be gained. Anyways, best of luck to you in discovering yourself. I learn something new every day and my dreams change almost weekly.

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  2. Its been some time since you posted this. I hope you are in better situation. Regardless i liked what you wrote. Expressing yourself to someone reduces half of the pain. Lastly do what you love to do. You are so lucky you are only 19 🙂 trust me! How i wish i could ask Chris Angel to take me back to my 19!! Lol. Good luck. Looking forward to more reads!


  3. Hi! I found you through a follow of one of my posts, thank you! 🙂 have you thought of going to do a year abroad in Australia? I’ve done this and loved it! The average wage over there is 20-25 aus dollars so you’ll make a tonne to help you travel (which is what I did) and where I learnt to dive had a programme where they’ll train you to be an instructor whilst you work for them on their dive boat. Just throwing that into the mix for you to think about and happy to talk to you more about it if you like 🙂


    1. I have and i’m thinking i’ll have to squidge that into next years plans somehow! But that’s an insane wage compared to over here! have you blogged about your travels in Australia? If so i’d love to read it! (sorry for the late reply) 🙂


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