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How to Get My/Your Life Back on Track

Ever felt lost, stuck in a whirlwind, confused of what you should be doing or who you are, the purpose intended for your life? Well, this has been me for a while.
i’m getting back on track.

So, here’s to some of my tips I’ve found useful and experiences I’ve had with the adult world of late in hope that you might find them useful and relate to if you’ve ever been caught in the whirlwind of adult life mayhem.

1) Getting a job is tough in January

Oh sweet sweet January. This is a period of the year in ones life where you are skint to the point of I will not throw away this sock with 4 holes in (unless you got bought around 10 pairs for Christmas). This can also be related to businesses who have been drained of workers over the Christmas period and are in lack of sales in January so they’re not going to need a helping hand for a while.

This was made evident to me the other week when I went round to several different places asking for jobs and handing my CV in which to be told no-where had jobs and one place wouldn’t even except my CV. Like come on, have some decency to except it then throw it in the bin when i’m gone.

Much to say this is was very disheartening and I wanted to comfort eat my sorrows away. BUT there is a resolution.

RESOLUTION:, this place has actually allowed me to find jobs in my local area that are hiring and I am in hope of finding one which means soon I could be upgrading from the cheap aldi wine woohoo!

2) A break from bloody England/Where you live

Now, don’t get me wrong I love England at times. It’s had its good days and its bad days but sometimes you just need to get away from it all. The countryside, yeah that’s my jam but the bustle and rush of everyone stressing and needing to be the best sometimes just gets to my head too much. So out of England I went and for a few days and travelled to Prague.

Which i’m now in love with. Prague is stunning. The architecture, the people, the cheapness, the history, the transport system, the lack of health and safety and the more relaxed way of life. All what I love (especially the laid back part) and all what England doesn’t have to offer me most of the time.

This break offered some perspective on life and the fact I’ve announced to my mother I don’t want to live in England when i’m older. Maybe i’ll just settle with life on a remote island with some cheese and quokkas hopping around me. If you look them up you wont be dissapointed, how could you not love that face.

Take some time out.
Even if you don’t have enough money to go abroad then travel somewhere in a direction for an hour and see where you end up. To get away from the crowded thoughts the may resonate from a certain place can help see the bigger picture (I know, get me being all philosophical) but this has certainly help me regain some light on life.

3) Socialising/Find a hobby

Seeing my friends helps me in many ways:

  • They’re ridiculous. Which makes them hilarious and can be a massive mood lifter after people rejecting you CV.
  • For how young we are they’re somehow wise and realistic so any advice needed can be given and with a group of 7 girls there will normally be a debate and a resolution to the problem you have in your life.
  • if you’re just bloody bored with your life you can hang around with each other and somehow end up drinking, playing board games and getting more merry than planned for the evening.
  • Diving allowed me to really connect with people who have such a big passion and love for what they do. It got me talking to people, meeting new friends and actually finding something i’m decent at.

Basically, socialising with friends and family can help you pick your life up and place it back on them tracks which is why I find it so important to have that balance of fun and work (really, to keep yourself mentally stable, hard as it is these days).

To summarise:

~Don’t rush into any old job, find one you’ll actually enjoy using the right resources.
~A break from the commotion will help to calm your thoughts and think logically.
~The help of friends and family can get you through a lot, a strong social support system can influence a lot of positivity back into your life.




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