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The Sad Truth About Travelling

Travelling captivates everyone.
From the wonderment of whats out there in the world, the exploring, discovering new cultures, food, people and experiences. It’s so magical (cringey but true) discovering new parts of this earth until, you have to leave and face reality again (unless you never leave then you’re probably doing something right).

Travelling Changes you.

  • It makes you see the bigger picture, to take a step back and unravel any troubles that may be possessing you thoughts when back at home.

  • When travelling to a third world country it really gives you a bigger view on the saying ‘first world problems’ such as people moaning about the most mundane and pointless of things when others are begging in the street and needing water purifying tablets to stop drinking polluted river water. If you want some ridiculous examples of first world problems then check out my blog post on Complaints I Get at Work: https://strawberrytravelsblog.wordpress.com/2017/06/25/complaints-i-get-at-work-1/
  • It gives you independence. The first time you travel to a different country without the comfort of parents, the risk and responsibility becomes yours. You soon realise how precious that passport actually is to you.
  • Maturity. Some around my age need this more than others, but the whole shock of travelling with independence and the responsibility to keep yourself alive without the helping hand of parents really can improve ones maturity levels.

But at some point the majority of us will end up going back to where we came from. This is the negative.
Much to our denial.

costa rica
Costa Rica Border

This was a prime example when I came back from Central America trying to fit back into working life. That job being Waitrose, a Customer Assistant.
My friends there were grand, the customers themselves not so much with there ridiculous first world issues and so I left there in seek of something a little less snobby.

Obviously this isn’t to put you off.

I encourage travelling, from driving a few hours in the country you live to somewhere different or going continental and trying something completely different. In my eyes the only negative is the fact you have to return to the shock of normal life one day. If anything the positives are endless and the ones I mentioned are only the minor ones. Give yourself that culture shock, try something different, experience the food and people, explore the countries lands and live up to the adventure.

So why don’t you go?

Prague- Lookout Tower

18 thoughts on “The Sad Truth About Travelling

  1. I like this. Right now I live somewhere where most of the people from here (born and raised) don’t leave. They might take a yearly trip to the beach and that’s it. They don’t go anywhere else. It’s crazy to me, and a huge negative in terms of long term living here. I’ve found most of the people here, 1. aren’t curious about what else is out there, 2. don’t feel the need to learn/see/do anything new. But that means the airport isn’t crazy busy when I travel. lol

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    1. A yearly trip to the beach, that’s nuts… It’s a shame that the place you’d ideally like to long term live in has that downfall. Ahahaha atleast that’s one positive, just don’t let it hold you back to travel! Have fun though 🙂


  2. I’m fascinated and inspired… travelling definitely brings you in another phase of life, from which there’s no way back. I’m sure that if I ever get a chance to gift myself a world trip, I’ll probably settle somewhere else or run away (just kidding). I’ll be looking forward to your upcoming posts…

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      1. This seems so exciting! India is amazing. I’m an Indian so I can promise, you wouldn’t need a return flight at all… Have a nice time here and share your experience.


  3. We travel to different places in order to enjoy our freedom peace and happiness but at the end of our tour we feel an urge to go back home and we enjoy peace only at home and this a sinister feeling we couldn’t understand .. did you ever felt like this ?

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