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Best Advice on How to Save Money Before Travelling

This is the one threat that could hold anyone back from travelling. Especially when you already have a date set and planned and you need to earn the amount before that time arrives (something I am currently going through). But alas, your gal has got herself a job and is a private healthcare assistant looking after your possible grandparents and family members. Now how does that make you feel? Don’t fret I am actually quite responsible when it comes down to someone else’s life, not so much my own though. 

But anyway instead of my blabbing lets get to some advice giving.


Find one with a decent wage even if it’s not the best job in the world. If you have a limited time to save your money this is the best option as you have an end goal. Whether you hate the job or not it will come to an end and I always find that helps to get me through a gruelling day. You may be thinking “how can I get a well paid job that quickly?”. Well a healthcare job, as much as its hard work it’s actually really rewarding thinking how much of a difference you’re making to someones life.


These are most commonly found in supermarket roles as they always have plenty of spare hours going free. You may think your contracted hours are small but the amount they’ll end up wanting to shove on you can be overwhelming so don’t fret there.



I know. I’m sorry.
You probably don’t believe me when I say i’m sorry but trust me I love food and going out just as much as you. A lot. Too Much. Unhealthily? But this is such an expensive enjoyment. My favourite place to eat is Wagamamas but if I go there and have a starter and a main it costs me around £20 when I can get the ingredients myself and make that dish for £20 but up to 10 times. Which we did and my god did it taste amazing.


As much as we love the perks of netflix and the amount of tv and binge watching we can do but for £7.99 a month then maybe spotify premium for £4.99 and a Graze box for £3.99 each, plus Amazon Prime for £7.99 this can add up to £24.96. Obviously you may not have all of these or any of these then that’s great you’re equally saving yourself money compared to some but rounding it up to £25 a month and say you have to save for 5 months before your trip, that concludes to £125. Now for me that could be a weeks stay in a bed n breakfast in India and more.


I know I know, i’m sorry…

The crave. The need to feel the caffeine running through your blood stream to make us feel less like a zombie. If you don’t like anything with caffeine in then you’re already on the right track to saving money and possibly stopping your heart from having palpitations.

If you think about it, a coffee from Starbucks will cost around £2.80 for a medium. The way I spend money on coffee is one every day when i’m working to perk me up. I work 5 days a week so 5 x £2.80 is £14. If this was the same every time it could cost you £56 a month. This doesn’t count the coffee you might be feeling at the weekend or the more expensive festive ones with all the fancy smancy toppings. Say you’re saving up for a holiday in 5 months time this totals up to £280 that you could have saved. Which in reality could pay for a weeks holiday.


It’s so easy to come home from a long day at work, sit down, watch something then fall asleep and not consider the next day and what you might eat as it’s just easier to buy something from that glowing vending machine.


When you get home is it really that hard to find something to make which will be half the price as what you were buying such as that egg sandwich for £2.10 in which you can buy a loaf of bread for £1.50 and a box of 6 free range eggs for £1.80. Think of how many sandwiches you can make out of that rater than just the one because in my world i’d want about 2 or 3 in one go.
So here we go again. 5 sandwiches in one week, as well as maybe a packet of 50p crisps and a snack for 80p bringing it to £17 a week, £68 a month and saving for 5 months for the holiday to a grand total of £340.

So with the subscriptions, caffeine and food totaled it costs £150 a month and £745 for 5 months. 


It’s crazy but putting it into perspective like that just shows how much you could save and put towards that dream holiday. Then get back to your old habits after the holiday once you have money again.


51 thoughts on “Best Advice on How to Save Money Before Travelling

  1. And that 5 month total doesn’t even include what you’d save by not eating out. Which, depending on how often you eat out, could almost double the 745.

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      1. No I’m still currently on the road. I only get to Australia this December. Been to Sri Lanka and now in India so slowly making my way round. Just left Goa and now in Mumbai so still writing about Goa ☺️


  2. Certainly shines a light on how much money we waste on the things that don’t necessarily matter. Just a little saving and trying new things here and there could get you that holiday you’ve always wanted, what a lovely thought!

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  3. This is a really good post. I was really similar to you desperate to save and explore the world as soon as I finished school. I did used to use these tips, but I am far less careful about this kind of things as I’ve got older.

    The other really good thing to do after you save is to get a working holiday visa somewhere you’d love to explore. That way, each weekend/day off can be a holiday while you explore your new location. 😉

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    1. Ahaha the aim for me is to get less careful but right now I need to save desperately! You’re a lucky one!
      I’ve always considered doing that in australia but luckily I have a passport and that might be my next big future travel plan! Have you written about any of your working holidays? Would be interesting to read!

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      1. I wrote a whole book about it yeeears ago, but I only started blogging last year, so didn’t include much about my early experiences living abroad.

        I did a gap year with the charity called Lattitude, so I lived in Japan for six months: It was so awesome that I decided to study Japanese at Uni and *that* changed my whole life. After that I lived in Japan as a student, and then again for a few years working.

        Now I live in Canada which is also amaaazing for feeling like a holiday, even if i have a full time job. 😉

        Anyway, keep saving, it’ll be so worth it!


  4. Great tips. This got me through student life over 20 years ago, and I have employedcthe same strategies once or twice since when I needed to save up or start again. Valuable habits!

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  5. I think advising people to build a life time residual income would be better advice. We want to be teaching people how to make more money so they have more money to spend on everything life has to offer. Traveling can be very expensive so a travel blogger is going to need a way to earn money while traveling and the internet is the best place to do that. Now this is just my opinion but if you want to be a great travel blogger then you need to help your followers find the a way to dream big and go for their dreams.
    Have a super wonderful day.

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      1. Okay, I didn’t mean to up set you or anything like that, some times my comments don’t come off right. One of my goals with the blog I am doing now is to help my audience learn how to build a residual income. I want the new bloggers that are getting into blogging to know that they can use their blog to earn a living and help other people earn more money at the same time. Sorry if I up set you and have a super wonderful day.

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