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How to Increase Your Happiness in 6 SIMPLE Steps

Oh happiness. You can come and go as quickly as the Nutella does in my cupboard. Sometimes it can be a hard feeling to maintain even if you do consider yourself the most positive of beans bouncing around in this funny little world, you’ll still have some down moments.

BUT ALAS, I have learnt some tips over my not so long lifetime to help keep this momentum of positivity flowing.

  1. Whatever is on your mind that is keeping you down such as a job, or life event then learn to change your cognitive thinking and learn to switch off. By doing so you can go out and one of my best ways to get rid of this feeling is to confront it (such as work) or if its unchangeable then go out, distract yourself with exercise, socializing or treating yourself with a little retail therapy.
  2. blog
    Norfolk Get Away

    If it’s a stressful situation then plan something exciting. I’ve written about saving for a cheap holiday in previous blog post: https://strawberrytravelsblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/05/best-advice-on-how-to-save-money-before-travelling/ So if you aren’t in the best money situation then a break away if still possible and having that time to look forward to always makes whats going on in the now feel more possible to actually get through. E.g. WORK BECAUSE ITS BLOODY STRESSFUL ATM, well, that’s my reason anyway.

  3. Listen to positive music. That upbeat melody that you so crave on those sunny and free flowing days driving along or just dancing like a frog, drunk and on ice in your own spare time. If its not sunny and feeling down sometimes that melody can give you the boost you need to get through the day or even week bringing you back to even happier times.
  4. Watching an easy going TV show that’s got the american style comedy like How I Met Your Mother or Big Bang Theory which are easy to follow and always seem to be positive. Nobody dies basically. If it’s easy humor you need to take your mind of things then let it be that terrible sitcom to cheer you up.
    Diving- Taking a Break on the Submarine

    Go and do something you enjoy such as a hobby. I know when i’m feeling stressed and anxious i’ll either drown my sorrows into an unrealistic world of a book or go and dive under the water where the things above the water level don’t matter. It’s a break and something else to focus your attention on.

    6. Try and reflect your current situation onto someone else’s who may be worse off than you are. With my job looking after elderly mostly I always realize how much I need to cherish what I have now and how fortunate I am to be able to breath and move around with ease and experience things they no longer can (they all tell me this on a daily basis too). Or even people in third world countries who can breath and move but cant afford a roof over their heads, the social life we have, the income from a job we are in or the education we have such easy access too. Always think you are better off right now than someone else in the world so appreciate it and live to the fullest.


ANYHOW tell me how you like to increase your positivity and share your tips and advice, i’d love to try them myself.


19 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Happiness in 6 SIMPLE Steps

  1. I’ve been doing the exact things for a while now! And besides that, I’m trying to meditate using apps like Headspace and Calm, and I know that it sounds boring but honestly, it just enlightens me and helps me control my anger or agony.

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