The Car Crash- Near Death Experience

I’ve had a lot of accidents, that didn’t involve cars, some that were completely my own stupidity but this one I really didn’t see coming.

I’ve had near death experiences but this is definitely the closest I’ve ever come to the whole “my life flashed before my eyes” stuff.

Right let’s set the scene.

not suzi
My Shit Mobile

So at the point in my life we’re in 2016, I’d not long gone through a break up and I was working my butt off to save for travelling to get away from England (god how often do I say that…) So I was on my way to work driving along minding my own business and realising it was a LITTLE bit icy, really emphasising on the fact it wasn’t that icy. I’d got through the winding and dodgey pot holed country lane and entering onto the main road. Now I’d been passed for about 5 months so yeah I was still learning the art of driving but as I was driving along this road I suddenly thought:

“What if I had an accident, how would I sort out insurance and having to get another car, what if I got injured, what a bloody hassle that would be…” I think weird things like this sometimes.


Black ice sucks donkey ass.

black ice
The stuff that you can hardly see but almost killed me: black ice

So as I was driving along this road which is hilly, bumpy, pot holes galore, and a very windy road, I had just come out of a corner and was on straight going 40mph because remember it wasn’t THAT icy, with a lovely flat, smooth piece of black tarmac. Which is where my car started to turn without my permission. So to picture it I was going straight but now my car is horizontal in the middle of the road. Which naturally you panicked and as a natural reaction you break to stop this happening.

I was so wrong to do that.

After slamming on the breaks I went from horizontal in the road to being upside down. That’s right ya gal just did an accidental stunt trick and flipped her car which ended with my car and I in a ditch.

In that moment of flipping a lot of things go through your mind as you can either except your fate or be in complete denial of it and considering in the last few months I was told we were moving house away from friends, going through a break up and working my ass off I could have excepted fate.

I DID NOT I was in complete denial and in this moment of mid flip, looking back things actually seemed like they went in slow motions. My thoughts went like this:

  • This is not my time there’s so much if this world to do and see.
  • Well this might result in a day off work.
suzuki bush edited
Here you can’t see so well but my door I could not budge and had to get over the top via the passenger door, fun fun fun

So, here I am still miraculously sat in my car with everything that was in my car everywhere as my car landed on its side. So my door was on the floor and the passenger door was facing up to the sky.

But the one major thing here was my air bag didn’t decide to help and make saving my life more likely, no. It just decided to not go off.

Right now I’m a shaken mess with my hands still gripping the steering wheel as I’m sat on the side on my door, I realise I have to get out. To do this I had to stand up straight on my door to open the passenger door and fling it up so I could crawl out and slide down over the roof and out of the ditch.

In which I proceeded to sit on the side of the verge and completely break down into tears and panic from all the adrenaline and the first thing I do is call my mum. At this moment I see people from over the hill walking towards me and a police car parked in the middle of the road. So much is going through my mind, my ma was currently driving to rescue me whilst cars actually drove past me. Until one lovely lady and her friend stopped in their car and got me inside where I was still a teary mess. She actually called my job and told them I couldn’t make it in and was reassuring me the whole time.

Whilst this was happening the girl I had seen walking up the hill previously had just got to this ladies car and I instantly recognised her as she was in the year below me of my sixth form. Instinctively she just got in this ladies car and hugged me. I can’t thank her enough for that hug because it calmed me down and reassured me that I was actually still alive and could get through this.

What had happened further up the road not 5 minutes ago was another girl from the year below me was on her way to my old school when she was coming down the hill and skidded, bouncing into the ditch then managing to bounce back out and the police had already arrived at hers then saw me have my car crash. This poor guy was just getting one accident after another because this road is UTTER POO.

So the police come over, my ma arrives these ladies have been the best help I could have ever asked for in which I manage to calm down, I let my friend who helped me get on her way to school and sort this whole crappy situation out.

hot choc
This is what the kind soul of a lady brought me, bloody delicious so take my word for it

The lady leaves but later returns marching up the hill to us with a bloody hot chocolate to keep my blood sugar levels high to reduce my chances of fainting. I so wish I could have found this lady and we tried. We asked people on the village chats so we could buy her flowers and say the biggest thank you because I honestly think she helped save my life, but we never did.

So with the story coming to an end, I go to the doctors with a few bruises and just whiplash. I have no idea how I came away so unscathed, the doctor said it was a miracle considering my airbag didn’t go off and I had such an appreciation for life after this and was so thankful and positive for everything that happened no matter how stressful or sad.

Apart from Suzi (my car) had to be scrapped and made into baked bean tins and dog food most likely. RIP my sweet sweet angel even if you did nearly kill me.

So guys, LEARN from my mistake like I certainly have. It’s one I’m terrified to never make again and basically crap myself every time it’s icy and refuse to drive most of the time. BE SAFE WHEN ITS ICY AND SLOW DOWN EVEN IF IT DIESNT LOOK SO BAD.

Let me know if you guys have had any crazy driving experiences in the comments. Happy blogging everyone!!!


46 thoughts on “The Car Crash- Near Death Experience

  1. Wow that’s terrifying, glad you are okay! I had a really awful experience driving too. I was in an intersection making a left turn on a green light and I started to push the gas to go before the cars going straight were coming and my car slid on the black ice into the middle of the intersection and for like 2 seconds (which felt longer) I kept frantically pushing the pedal to get the car across and it was NOT budging but eventually it did. If that didn’t happen, I definitely would have been involved in a head on collision. Scariest moment of my life

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  2. Glad you’re okay Berry! It reminds me of my early days of motorbike riding, when I was engaged in a head on with another rider. I had that same feeling but rubbished it. Since I was in deep suburbs of my home town, I didn’t care much about sticking to my lane even in a sharp bend. And that’s when it happened….

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  3. What a story! Amazing that even in the midst of it you can find a bit of humor about a day off! This is a really important story that everyone should learn from. Glad you posted it. I hope my children will learn from this as they are both in the health professions and have to go to work in whatever the weather is. I live in New Jersey and in winter we are always hearing about black ice. Thank you!

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  4. That’s so scary oh my god! I had a car crash in my schools car park a couple of months ago and it was so scary! I know the feeling… at least you’re alright! X checking out your blog now and love your posts!✨


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