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How to Know You’re too Comfortable in Your Relationship

It’s nice when you’re in a relationship and can finally think I am so comfortable around this other human being who puts up with me.

Until you realise all the gross things that make up the meaning of being comfortable in your relationship.

Now my boyfriend and I have come up with a list of all the things we’ve realised make us too comfortable around each other. So pleased enjoy, don’t judge us and relate if you’ve ever gotten to this stage.


  1. couple-farting-featuredThe obvious one:
    Burping and farting in front of each other.
    Unfortunately this becomes so comfortable you parf and burp away like they’re not even there.
  2. Peeing in front of them…
    probably whilst they’re brushing their teeth or doing their morning/night time routine.
  3. You pick their spots and their eye gunk.
    Just like chimpanzee’s when they groom each other.
  4. feet shoer drainIf you shower together you no longer worry about sucking in that tum tum, just let it hang guys and then realise you need to stop stocking up on the Ben and Jerrys icecream.
  5. Relating to the one above.
    You will gain weight. A lot. In a short amount of time then subconsciously blame them for it… Because well whatever they eat you don’t want to get food envy and be jealous or the fact they are taller but you still think you have the right to eat the same amount as them.
  6. You will look like a slob/slug and wear the comfiest but probably most unattractive clothes around them because you are settled and in a comfortable state of mind.
  7. One for the girls:
    makeup what is this thing that I think makes me look nicer, nah cant be bothered.#And actually this can be quite nice when someone makes you feel so good you don’t feel the need to wear it anymore but…
    When you’ve left the makeup on from the night before and wake up looking like a panda went through a washing machine full of mud with its hair sticking out and matted but you still don’t care and lean over to kiss them with that wonderful morning breath.
  8. You’ll send photo’s…Man with double chinsOf your big fat triple chin you’ve developed since being in the relationship and quote it something like “how beaut am I” very sarcastically because you’re too comfortable to care otherwise about looking good.
  9. Really nice underwear, even matching bra and knickers…
    NOPE wear those comfy girl boxers and that sports bra or the guy wearing the same boxers 2 maybe 3 days in a row because comfort is the main importance.
  10. The most important one is how much you trust each other and not needing the constant reassurance of what they’re doing when you’re not with them, or the need for always saying those 3 words (I love food, obviously) all the time because you are in a genuine state of comfort with each other, linking to trust.dreamstime_s_53141518

SO in the comments below tell me your gross habits in your relationships, even if you’re so comfortable with them you don’t find them gross anymore and it’s become the norm.


Peace n love x


38 thoughts on “How to Know You’re too Comfortable in Your Relationship

  1. Very intresting topic, and true also. All my relationships has been long term apart from very few boyfriends as teenager (3 years, 7 years and newest one is 8 months now) and its very often that we getting so confortable next to other person, but I don’t really know it’s good or not. When your partner becoming more like your mate, romantic in a relationship goes down, and you lower expectations from yourself! I believe both partners should push each other to constant grow. My relationship now is different, more mature I would say. Of course we fart next to each other from time to time but we are not going below some made up but never said boundaries, what its involving higher level of understanding and comunicating with each other and I apsolutely love it, I never been happier then now! I believe its all good as long you are happy with it. But when you reach the point that you no longer care about yourself coz you are “settled” it might be dangerous and cost trouble in future.

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    1. That’s also very true, we still go on lots of date nights and trips away with each ither which i’ll always try to make an effort for and as cringry as it sounds the romance is still blooming (somehow) but I completely understand where you’re coming from but as long as you still have the connection with them and are comfortable with yourself then groovey!

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    1. Loooool, love it. The beauty of comfort in a relationship is amazing, my husband and I have been together for 5 years now. For us, we can act like slobs, hair in a bun, sweats and when we look at each other, we think the other is so beautiful. We do some pretty gross things too….for example this one time, my husband was having a shower and I needed to poo reeeaaaaaallly bad, I couldn’t wait. So I just went into the bathroom to poop while he showered. He looked at me like OK cool and carried on showering lol. I think our relationship became stronger that day โค

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  2. Hahaha I totally relate to it!! I remember when I started dating my boyfriend I was sometimes going to sleep with a small amount of make up to wake up prettier in the morning, now after more than 2 years I bearly wear it xD

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