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I Went Home (patching up relationships)

I’ll be honest. I was brought up with a single parent. 

My mother did a damn good job. Round of applause for the Ma.

Unfortunately for about 8 years of my teenage life I wasn’t in contact with my father and previous to this I didn’t see him much as he lived in Jersey and we were over in England. This isn’t a sympathy post by the way.

It’s never been something that I would say affected me as my mentality was “shit happens, keep living” and I had a very happy childhood and teenage life compared to some and always with a roof over my head. Although I would make jokes about having “daddy issues” to compensate for this as i’m not very good at being serious (can you tell?)

So a couple of years ago I got back in contact with my Dad. It was a big and at first very weird/scary step after so long but felt so good.

33782007_1862156460473602_5395178535293812736_nAnd this week I went home, to Jersey.

I also took my boyfriend with me who was the first ever person out of friends and boyfriends to have met my dad and a weird moment was when he said “ooo i’m staying at your dads for the first time” and I said back “yeah same“.

But it was lovely. We all got along ordered food settled down and dad sacrificed his bed for us and he stayed on the sofa, went out and mingled with my auntie, uncle, cousins and their partners. It felt like a family reunion.

33876464_1862157843806797_6179326159226929152_nWe went to all the beaches I used to love as a child and went sea kayaking/cliff jumping, swam in the sea, ate lots of food (of course) and just made up for lost time.

This is a very short update post but the moral is no matter how long its been you can still patch up a relationship and make something of it. I know it took a lot to stop being stubborn and accept what happened to then move on but is it really worth it in the long run? (Unless something super bad happened then I completely understand.) But this has certainly made me realise there’s more to life than holding a grudge and to start putting in the effort.

Also super sorry about the infrequency of posts, I’ve just spent this evening writing and getting them scheduled to get back into the routine.

I’ve also thought of a new blogging series called Ridiculous News Stories based on 3 hilarious stories that I’ve found in the news for that month and the heck they made the news. Let me know what you think to this idea your opinions help A LOT.

Keep blogging beans x




13 thoughts on “I Went Home (patching up relationships)

  1. This is so sweet! I’m glad it went well. I’m also looking forward to hearing about the ridiculous News Stories! I love that kind of thing. 🙂


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