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If you got given a plane ticket to the other side of the world, would you take it?

This is something that came to me very briefly whilst thinking back to a recent social event with friends.

This is me racking my brain debating this topic as I write as visual proof (btw this isn’t the only photo I took, my phone is now full of awkward photos of me. Can you tell I’m new at taking photos of myself to put on my blog?!?!)

It started with a game in which someone asks a question and you all have to point to the person who most likely relates to the question.

The one I got pointed to for was “Most likely to leave England and never come back”. I didn’t take any offence to it because I always joke how I don’t want to live in England when i’m older and even the other day Katie asked what we were all doing next summer and she said “I won’t ask Ella because we don’t know where you are half the time” which is very true. I’m spontaneous and terrible at staying in one place which you’ve probably gathered. But it also made me think if I got the opportunity now, would I take it?…

I’ve got 3 main things holding me back which are the most common for a lot of people:

My family, I love them to bits. We may be small but the most supportive in any way. E.g. my G’ma told me the other week if I wanted to go live in Australia then bloody do it because she’s not stopping (i’m the only granddaughter she has but does she even want me around?!)

Friends, I feel like I have been very lucky to have such a strong friendship group, even if sometimes we do bicker we always bounce back from it and I think that’s something not so common. They’re amazing and I know I could make other friends but its never going to be the same as that original bond you have.

Spontaneous trip to Norfolk last weekend (a breeze and intense sun = red and peeling skin)

My boyfriend. Sappy and as some may want to gag at i’d find it hard to go live and start a I think the fact is if I could have my family, friends and boyfriend emigrated with me then YES. But isn’t that the easy answer?

I think in previous past experiences and when i’ve been feeling very down and someone offered me the opportunity then I don’t think i’d of hesitated. Sometimes I relate the bad experiences to being in England and I think that’s where I need to stop.

But my answer (even though I try to be a travel blogger and probably isn’t the right one to convey that image) is no.

If this was given to be maybe 2 years down the line when I might be feeling more settled and ready for that bigger commitment but then yes I would.

Anyway this is just a very small blog post with a big debate to consider and let me know in the comments if you would or wouldn’t and why? What’s holding you back or whats making you want to bugger off? You can’t take anyone with you though as that would make it easier.



31 thoughts on “If you got given a plane ticket to the other side of the world, would you take it?

  1. Yes, definitely yes! If I didn’t, this would be one of these opportunities I will forever regret not taking. When it comes to things that are close to my heart -Maybe it’s my travel genes that make traveling such a priority in my life.- I take chances and get more adventurous than I usually would. Since I don’t have such a great chance waiting for me around the corner, I decided to go the long way: study at university to become a teacher and then teach abroad. ^^

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  2. I am already the other side of the world from where I grew up, so I’d take it and visit my family!

    Or, if the ticket was to somewhere I’d never visited before, I’d still probably want to go. But just for a holiday…I am quite happy to stay living here in Canada for a while as every weekend feels like a holiday to me.

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  3. I did! I moved from England to upstate NY 6 years ago and will never go back to live. I love it here. I do go back to see family twice a year and I have a โ€œslush fundโ€ purely for emergencies. When I lived in England I saw less of my parents than I do now as they retired to Ireland where my mother was from.

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  4. Great post!! If I got that opportunity as well Iโ€™d probably definitely want to go, with the exception of the exceptions you listed. Leaving all those people would be sooo hard.

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  5. I don’t think I would because I have never got to travel around my own country yet and that is what I would like to do.
    I follow a lot of travel bloggers from here in America and I want to go see the places they have wrote about and took pictures of.

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  6. I think, through life, our circumstances change, therefore this question would have a different answer each and every time you would ask it. At the moment I would say no, Ella. My children are in their teenage years and I want to be here for that, but who knows in 10 years time what could happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. This has always been my dream but the reasons you listed have always stopped me…I moved an hour + away from my hometown 20+ years ago and moved back a couple of years ago to be closer to family…even though I was only an hour or so away, it has been an emotional journey & I have learnt a lot – โ€˜family will always be there, near or farโ€™…we choose who we spend our time with, whether that be family or friends, both important, they bring different things to our lives. Life is short grasp the opportunities, your family and friends will always be there waiting for your call or visit wherever they are.

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  8. If you had asked me this question a year ago I would have jumped on it without a second thought. I would just go and not look back. Nowadays though… I have other priorities that preclude me from just getting on a plane and flying somewhere.


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