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Namaste: the time for India has arrived (quick post)

I am so excited right now I feel like someone has spiked my coffee.


We did have a minor scare coming into the airport and checking the departure board to see the departure was an hour earlier than said. Close one there.

I am running on 3 hours of sleep but feel like I’ve just woken up from a cracking nap. Food in my belly, 2 coffees down and ready to binge watch The Confession Tapes on the plane.

I was really banking on losing weight this holiday (probably from Delhi belly) but at this rate all I can think about are fried onion bhaijs and samosas. YUMMERS.

Anyway my blog for the next 6 weeks is going to be all about my adventures (and probably humiliating) times and stories happening in India, hope y’all are groovy with that.

I’m excited to get off that plane and leave the airport to find our hotel and see all the sights and sounds. So if anyone see’s a confused looking British woman please point her in the right direction…

I have hopes of upgrading my blog so I can start posting videos of my misadventures for you all to laugh at.

The tour is starting in a few days which is FULLY BOOKED so that means 18 new friends if they don’t run away in terror from this crazy woman but I am soooo excited to make new friends, buy some amazing colourful clothes, eat some incredible food and really shake some of this itchy feet feeling.

Anyway love you and leave you guys and you’ll probably hear from me soon with some nutty stories.


Me having over indulged in beer last night in the hotel๐Ÿ‘

P.s. me having over indulged in beer last night at the hotel, ya gal is a mess wish me luck ahaha

26 thoughts on “Namaste: the time for India has arrived (quick post)

  1. Heya ! Glad you are here, as this land and itโ€™s people are fun to explore. I am sure you would have planned things in advance and probably be equipped with an itinerary, but feel free to ask if you need some advice or suggestions. Welcome to Incredible India !! ๐Ÿ™‚

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