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DELHI BELLY HIT ME HARD: my time in Delhi and Agra🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 (places you MUST visit)

Well, I’d say it was inevitable; Delhi belly is a sucker for punishment and I got beaten up bad. 

But nonetheless I am here to tell the story.

First of all I just want to thank my Indian friend from home who warned me NOT to have the ice cream over in India no matter how good it looks.

Secondly, did Ella listen? BIG FAT NO because I’m an idiot. I decided the kiwi and strawberry ice cream smoothie sounded bloody delicious from a restaurant recommended to us as trustworthy by our guide.

I should have listened.

I felt how this monkey looks (photo taken in Jaipur)

So the next morning I woke up with stomach cramps and had to hurry Phil out of the toilet so he didn’t have to see my bowels in that bad of a state. Unfortunately that morning at 4am we were moving on to Agra; a 3 hour train journey. Upon this train I felt so bad at one point I rushed to the nearest toilet where a young girl was waiting and all I could do was motion with my hand being sick, she graciously let me through and into the toilet i went, missed the toilet and projectile vomited onto the wall.

Not my finest moment.

This led on to a series of other horrendous bowel movements, passing in and out of sleep, feeling feverish and finally after 24 hours feeling just about okay to see the grand and almighty Taj Mahal.

But before we get onto this I just want to talk about the places we visited in Delhi.

The first day was full of confusion as to how do we get to places; people trying to take us off in the wrong direction and us trying to say no but they really can’t take it as an answer and everyone telling us not to trust other people. So after finding a Vodafone and getting some SIM cards we discovered Uber. Now I was most shocked by finding something I only thought we had mostly in England and America to be in India and with that you can get an Uber auto rickshaw.

Lodhi Gardens


So after finding this revelation it was late afternoon by this point so we decided to go visit the Lodi Gardens. It was stunning and as a first look at Delhi it was by far the most relaxing, laid back place we had visited. People were wearing shorts, women were jogging with friends and nobody tried to come up and sell us anything. It was so enjoyable to take a breather and step outside away from the hustle and bustle.

Red Fort


The next day after being well rested and getting over jet lag we decided to hit the main attractions starting with The Red Fort. It was a shock as everyone just stared at you and then families running up and asking for photos, then getting pushed past the massive queue by everyone waiting to then set foot inside. It was a rush and slightly overwhelming but once we were inside it was beautiful.

Humayun’s Tomb


Next we headed over to Humayan’s Tomb. This was completely different, no pictures wanted, everywhere relaxed and we took a deep breath and felt soothed. I’ve never been so fascinated by such stunning architecture and gardens.

India Gate


Then off to the India Gate which was filled and lined with rows of locals selling their assortmented foods whilst this massive archway loomed in the distance.

Jama Masjid


We then decided a break was needed and the following day after rest we headed over to the Jama Masjid mosque (biggest in India) which was LIBERATING taking your shoes off and walking around without a care in the world. I do wish I painted my toe nails though. Regrets. But watching people pray and learning about their religions really opened my eyes up to this whole other culture.

Following this we finally went to the almighty TAJ MAHAL. Yes capitals are needed for the name because it is that incredible.

Taj Mahal


I’ve seen it in photos and movies, but never would I have thought it would have been as phenomenal as it was in person. I was blown away and stood there in the middle of the crowd shocked. It was stunning and then even more so when I learned the story behind the making of it. A love story of a king loving his wife so much that when she died after childbirth was so heartbroken he wanted something built in her memory that was as beautiful as she was. Now Phil where’s my Taj Mahal ay???

Anyway that night we met the tour and group we’re travelling around with for the next 15 days and I’m hurriedly trying to write this before we move on and my memory wipes itself.

I’ve had such a memorable time and it’s only been 4 days, with many more to come. So feel free to laugh at my weak immune system and enjoy the adventure I’ve had and hopefully one day you might do it too (not Delhi belly don’t do that.)

I’m also starting a new thing at the end of every post where i’ll ask a question and the best response gets a shout out in the next post so FOR THE FIRST ONE:

The way I reacted to the Taj Mahal beig breathtaking and looking in awe, is there anyone else who has seen a monument and had an even better reaction? Tell me what it was, what happened and why. So let me know and i’ll do a shout out for the best story in the next post!

Keep blogging beans❤


13 thoughts on “DELHI BELLY HIT ME HARD: my time in Delhi and Agra🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 (places you MUST visit)

  1. You poor thing! I managed for a couple of weeks without getting delhi belly…I am not actually sure how I got away with that! BUT I did have a similar experience after eating Indian food in China. Oops. Serves me right for not eating the local cuisine!!

    Anyway, for your question, would you count a mountain as a monument? We were on a hike in the mist in the Italian Alps. I was pretty sure there would be some good views around us, if only we could see them. Then, when the clouds suddenly parted, I found myself in the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen! There was basically a 2000m vertical wall of mountains all around us, that we hadn’t been able to see! My reaction was to make lots of “squeeeeeee” noises, take so many photos that I ran out of space on my memory card…and get a random stranger to take a jumping photo as I was just so excited. It’s hard to describe just how happy that moment made me. My heart was soaring! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Seeing Phil’s finest rump in Harborough for the first time was AWESOME!!! The pork was a tad disappointing…due to it being BQAP!!!
    So….what do I win again???
    Love and hugs
    Titania Filous (Ms)
    Miss you guys!!!! Xxxxxxx
    Song of the day…”Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash.


  3. Hey sorry to hear about your Delhi belly experience. Happy to know that you enjoyed visiting around. I have been to Agra many times but crowd at Taj really spoils the experience. Last time I visited Taj and I was stunned to know that already they had sold close to hundred thousand tickets. BTW Welcome to Jaipur. I’m hoping you are having a great experience here in Jaipur.


  4. Hey, apologies for such kind of an experience here in India. I hope you have recovered and having a blast over here.
    Coming back to the question, I visited the Palace of Versailles in France 2 weeks back. Built by Louis XIV, this grandeur has enormous green gardens, fascinating landscapes with fountains and lights all around. The entire area was so so so vast that 2 entire cities can be built. The Palace was gorgeous with beautiful pieces of furniture and paintings reigning before the French Revolution era. Consisting of the Hall of mirrors and many of the finest French Arts, this place is France’s foremost tourist attractions. I just could not have afforded missing out on this place and can come here again ❤️ 🕌


  5. You have missed viewing Taj Mahal on a full moon night .. it will just take the soul out of you … such grandeur you will never experience in your life time .. just sit in the moon light and view the Taj, you will be spell bound and it’s worth one more visit !!! 👍👍🤝


  6. Aah no, I’m sorry you’ve been ill! Travelling when sick is just the worst thing! You’ve seen loads already though, it looks amazing there! Seeing such iconic landmarks for the first time with your own eyes is brilliant! I remember seeing Angkor Wat for the first time, could not believe it when we rounded a corner and it loomed in front of us! Just stunning! Enjoy the rest of your trip!


  7. Wonderful!!!

    Well the story.. ⬇
    When I saw the Taj Mahal and it’s replica Bibi ka makbara in aurangabad… I was feeling like true love exists..
    We shall never stop loving and allow the love which is unconditional..
    The moment I knew the history of such heavenly place.. I promised to myself that.. I will love my husband without judgement.. And I will shower my true love all over him keeping aside all the past experiences he and I had in our life..
    It ignited hope within me that true love never dies…

    Thank you!!


  8. Hey Ella ! Sorry to hear about your misadventure with the ice cream, but I am sure once you acclimatize it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Nice to know you enjoyed the sightseeing in Delhi. I would recommend a visit to the state of Rajasthan as well, lined with breath taking palaces and forts with rich cultural heritage and yummm food.
    I was awestruck when I visited Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur which also houses the world’s largest canon on wheels of the early modern era which as per the legend required effort from 3 elephants to be maneuvered.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your stay and travel in India.
    Cheers !


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