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Complaints I Get at Work #2

Firstly, I just want to apologize for not doing a post in so long, I've been super busy with Truck Festival and inter-railing for a bit but now I can settle back down into a routine at last! I really hope to carry on with this series purely because some people out there are ridiculously… Continue reading Complaints I Get at Work #2

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Festival Essentials

Now when it comes to festivals, you don't want to be bringing everything you own in a massive bag whilst also having to drag that through a field of either thick mud or scorching sun. I've been to a fair few festivals and so from experience I've managed to minimalize what goes into my bag… Continue reading Festival Essentials

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Stupid Things I’ve Done As a Child #1

We've all been kids once, and as children go they can do some rather impulsive or ridiculous things that make you think 'what on earth made them do that?!' Well i'm pretty sure that's what my Ma thought about me on a daily basis. I was a strange curly hair ball of a child that… Continue reading Stupid Things I’ve Done As a Child #1

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Complaints I Get at Work #1

This is something that I got inspired to do, coincidentally when someone complained to me the other day. To put some pretext into this, I work at a cafe/shop (I won't name for legal reasons). This is a part time job so I can afford to travel and that's it. ¬†Not all are stuck up… Continue reading Complaints I Get at Work #1

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Travelling Young- The Scilly Isles

Now as daft as the name of this place may sound, it is real. The amount of puns you could make out of this place is endless but other than the humorous name, its one of the most stunning places I've visited. The 5 inhabited¬†islands are situated around the South-West coast of England with the… Continue reading Travelling Young- The Scilly Isles

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Donating Blood- Why You Should

Luckily for me needles haven't been a fear, more just a discomfort and especially with the lovely, wide and fat ones. But in reality, a fear of needles is nothing in comparison to being able to save someones life. To be brief, when you give blood that's exactly what you're doing. If you've got a… Continue reading Donating Blood- Why You Should