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Ridiculous News Stories: Are Seagulls Alcoholics?…

Hello and welcome to my wonderful new series all about the stupid nonsense that gets posted on the internet and joining me trying to understand how this makes news headlines. As I trawl through endless social media with news stories popping up, you sometimes find one that really tickles you in the good spot because… Continue reading Ridiculous News Stories: Are Seagulls Alcoholics?…

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I Went Home (patching up relationships)

I'll be honest. I was brought up with a single parent.  My mother did a damn good job. Round of applause for the Ma. Unfortunately for about 8 years of my teenage life I wasn't in contact with my father and previous to this I didn't see him much as he lived in Jersey and… Continue reading I Went Home (patching up relationships)

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Where I was Born/Near Death Experience

I wasn't born on the mainland England. Although I am British, I was born in Jersey. Jersey is a tiny island just off the south coast of England. Its 5 miles long and 9 miles wide with one airport and one main hospital. But to me this isn't any old island, its home. My Ma… Continue reading Where I was Born/Near Death Experience